Finding Home

Approximately nine months ago we began the process of preparing our house to sell, move closer to our places of employment, and all the while look for a place to live. Our home sold in 3 weeks time yet we had about five or six weeks before closing. Surely we would find something; but we did not—at least not to buy.

Sometimes the curve in the road intersects with another road that provides a solution that works for all those involved. Such was the case with us. We found a couple in our church willing to rent a house to us for a short time (meaning six months). While in the rental house, we left many boxes packed because we knew it was a temporary home. And while living there, our world expanded with diversity.

At the end of May, we found a house to purchase. We began the process of packing up what we did unpack, clean out the boxes that had been taking up residence in the garage, and made many trips to Goodwill. The house we purchased is smaller than our previous homes; yet one in which we could see would be a good fit for us into the future.

So prior to moving, my husband began looking at different flooring options for the house and we decided on vinyl plank flooring. Having never laid a floor before, we consulted with friends and consulted again. On the Monday before we moved, my husband began to pull up the carpet. Our son helped immensely and together they got most of it laid prior to our move on Wednesday. I am so proud of them and the work they did. It was a great experience for both of them.

As with any move, it seems to take a long time to get settled in and to call a place home. Re-doing the flooring helped us to claim this house as our home.

In about three weeks I return to work and school begins about a week in and half later. I have been reflecting on the stress moving puts on a person and how much anxiety it can cause. And then I think of the kiddos I work with at school A majority of them move multiple times over the year and sometimes each year are in a different school. If it is stressful for a fairly well adjusted person (and I know some of you will have your doubts about this statement) such as myself, then I can only imagine the impact it has on developing children.

Finding home is good and a blessing, but I realize it is not a guarantee. Life happens, poverty happens, all kinds of tragedy happens that makes finding home elusive for lots of people. So this evening as I begin to think towards returning to school, my thoughts and prayers are with the children and their families who are struggling to find home.


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