Reflections of An Ordinary Life

This is the phrase that I wrote two days ago as I was re-entering the practice of journalling.

While in college, I had to journal for classes.  Mainly over books we were required to read, especially in my Christian Education classes.  At the time I didn’t necessarily enjoy the practice, I have continued to use it periodically (specifically when I check out a book from the library that is related to my work) and am realizing its potential and potency again.

What has drawn me back to want to take the time to think and write about “ordinary?”  I think it has to do with my vocation.  Journalling is well-known for its therapeutic benefits and as I have journeyed through my first Christmas break as a school counselor versus a Children’s minister I starkly realized I needed an outlet (besides my hubby).  Some days I would leave school, call my hubby, and talk non-stop about the adventures or day I had until I pulled in the driveway (which is about 20 minutes).

I now see the world differently because of where I now work.  When I shop,  I think about the kids I work with and realize that some would not have had much of a Christmas without the help of others.  It is intense and I needed a safe place to reflect, vent, share my anguish and joys as I begin another semester.

I don’t know if any profound words will arise while I do this, but I do know that it will help me to fill my well so that I can help those I am with on a daily basis.  It is nothing dramatic or new, but I look forward to the release and growth it will provide.


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