Stepping into a New Role

Over the last couple of years I have posted about the journey through graduate school to finding a job in a local public elementary school.  It has been an exciting ride and I would not change a thing.  As so I would like to share a few insights I have reached in my new job:

  1.  My school rocks!  Administrators, teachers, office staff, child study team,  custodians, lunch personnel, and paraprofessionals come to do their best and roll with whatever comes their way.  They have been awesome to work for and with to teach the kids in ways that are remarkable.
  2. I have become very aware that I am a privileged person.  Many of you who know us personally know we did foster care for about 5 years and so the trauma that children face is not new to me.  I grew up in middle class america and continue to live in that arena, yet my worldview has widened greatly since working at a school.  I am saddened every time attacks are made on public education because they are made by people who have a skewed picture of reality.  Yes, public education is not perfect, but it is the only institution where the playing field is made somewhat level for children from all walks of life and without it we will be in serious trouble.  I think we have yet to realize in what ways our current ideology is leading us in the wrong direction, but the outlook is not good–not only for our children, but our country.
  3. I have also become very cognizant of how comfortable we are as a society with casting blame.  And I also know that is just not helpful.  The cost is becoming unbearable for this societal norm and our children are suffering.  It goes beyond political affiliation or ideology.
  4. If at any time in your life that you thought prenatal care was not important and it is something each new mom should be able to afford, than come live in my world. It is HUGE!!!!!  More and more research is pointing to how important it is, but let me tell you the lack of it is devastating.  So much occurs prenatally, especially regarding brain development, that the ill effects of this haunt a child forever and makes healthy development challenging.

My reading list has grown quite long since I have begun the new job.  And what has prompted me to share these insights (although not that profound) is that of resilience.  I am reading The Resilience Breakthrough (would highly recommend it).  And as I work with kids, resilience is something I desire for each child to have because something else comes with resilience–HOPE!  If I can help a child become resilient, I know that this child will be all right in life.  It may not be grand, but they will have the skills to make it through.  And that my friends is worth celebrating!!!


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