Pew Therapy aka Soul Food

For the past two weeks, I have been practicing pew therapy.  I could have very easily skipped a couple of weeks of worship and no one would have thought twice about it.  But I chose to go for pew therapy.  Whether engaged as a professional in ministry or in education, the push is on for self-care.  And it makes so much sense yet is difficult to do.  In the two days of orientation for my new job, that was ultimately the bottom line.  Take care of yourself!

As I transition to a new setting of an elementary school and left professional ministry in the church, I am treasuring this time of pew therapy.  For me, pew therapy is soul food.  Sitting, absorbing, participating, partaking, and worshipping all took on a different meaning. It has been twenty years since I have had pew therapy in which there was nothing else grabbing my attention.  I was able to focus on being a part of community worshipping God which up until now, my worship was my work.  In others it was difficult to truly focus on worship because my mind was elsewhere.  I am not sure I fully realized how much I needed pew therapy.

Entering a time when public education is under fire, pew therapy will become ever so important.  While that is always in the background, I realize it will be about the relationships I build with the people I interact with each day.  Like all relationships, my life will change because of the new people I will work with and for.

So pew therapy will be a major source of renewal, strength, energy, and sustenance.  It provides a source of hope outside of us and that is worth having a weekly connection.  It allows me to focus on who and what is greater than me and my little world to know I am not alone.

Working with children is my vocation and helping them navigate the waters of school is critical to their success and our future.  So pew therapy is highly recommended for those who know their lives impact others, especially children.  Get your weekly dose (whether in a church, temple, or mosque), and be amazed to see how God works through you to touch the lives of those around you.


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