Don’t Be Scared

Recently I discovered the video that Pauley Perrette put out entitled “Beautiful Child”.

It has become a favorite that I watch almost daily.  As I listen to it, I marvel at the truth contained in the words sung.  Her ability to reach the masses with this is beyond comprehension.

It is however not the first time I have heard this message.  The church (of which Perrette is a member of the United Methodist Church) has a Biblical promise to claim and proclaim “don’t be scared” or “do not fear” with the same intensity that Perrette and her crew of singers and musicians share in this song.  Unfortunately the church’s message somehow gets muddled and the message gets lost.

As I write this short blog for today, I listen to it and think of all the children I want to hear this song  I want them to come to know that each one of them is a child of God, who is loved!  In a world full of hatred and pain, this message should ring loud and clear from all the churches—no matter what: you are beautiful, you are loved, and you are not alone, don’t be scared.  Oh, how I pray it will one day be a promise claimed and not just heard about by all children of the world.

So if you have not yet taken the time to listen to it, please do so!  Church:  we have work to do to make this an everyday reality for all God’s children!

PS:  I also love who Pauley has singing with her!  It is too awesome!


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