Kids, Books & Faith

On Wednesday evening at my church, we have a time of music and storytelling.  Since the time is limited (1 hour total), I have developed lessons using storybooks.  I have used a couple of websites to help give me ideas (such as Storypath, and Picture Book Theology,  I have discovered this approach lends to simplicity.

Mid-week ministry is getting more and more difficult to do with all the societal pressures facing kids.  What I have discovered over the last year is this allows for creativity yet delivers insightful lessons that impact their world.  So today I thought I would share the one I am using this week.  This is the handout I create to send home with them.

Christian Theme: Listening                                  Reading Level Preschool-3 Grade

Scripture References:

Matthew 11:15 English Standard Version (ESV)

15 He who has ears to hear,[a] let him hear.

God Connection Moments:

This book focuses on listening.  It is a delightful read on an old game called “Telephone”.  The pictures are funny but the point it still relevant today.  Listening half-heartedly is what most of us do and so we only get the story or instructions partially right.  This is a great read to use with children of all ages, talking about the importance of listening before sharing information with others.  It is important to stress that listening is what is best sometimes, rather that talking and not telling a sentence correctly.  This book could also lead into a discussion about gossip with older children.

Activities you can do together: 

Play the game Telephone together, where a simple sentence is twisted and confused as it passes from person to person. Talk about how hard it is to keep the sentence from becoming twisted.

Most of the books for Kids, Books, and Faith are available at the public library or school library.

Maybe not the most profound book, but I know lots of people have experienced Telephone in their life, so read it together and cherish the time!


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