It is Finished (Well Not Quite)

for those who are looking for the myths of ADHD, it will be coming up later in the next few weeks

It is hard to believe that graduation is Sunday.  I have completed all of what needs to occur for me to walk across the stage in full master regalia.  It has been an incredible journey.

I love learning so academia is enjoyable for me.  I have gotten quite good at putting papers together rather quickly and not thinking too much about it.  Incorporating what I have learned into every setting I am a part of is insightful.

But here is what I have realized:  I am never quite done.  Yes, I will have a Master’s in Counseling when I am done with graduate school.  But next on the docket is licensing, which will be applied for in the new year.

And here is what I know:  As I wait upon the process and opportunities to come my way, children are my passion.  Yes, I can work with all ages and I know all ages can benefit from counseling and play therapy.

Within each child lies promise and possibilities (there is a song by the same title “I Am A  Promise I Am a Possibility) that wait silently at times to be discovered.  This became so evident during my practicum at a local elementary school.  Working with those students on challenges they are facing that are interfering with the academic progress is a privilege and humbling experience.   Revealing your fears and being willing to engage with another is a very mature act, in which some of these kids did rather well.  Not many adults do this well at all.

In the giving of themselves, I am a different counselor than when I first began my practicum and I am sure those I work with in the future will affect me in many ways.

So, the title It is Finished (Well Not Quite) is true!  The papers will stop, and the grades will be finished, but the journey evolves and I am so looking forward to what it has to hold!


2 thoughts on “It is Finished (Well Not Quite)

  1. Congratulations friend! Hopefully we all continue to evolve on our individual journeys. Celebrate and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back! Now relax and enjoy the holidays!

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