Sharing the Struggle-Gaining Perspective-Dispelling Myths

Today I sat in a presentation by a pediatric nurse on the topic of ADHD.  I spent most of the time nodding my head at what she shared.  I had/have/am there as a parent (and practicum student) and thus have a emphatic spot for these kids and their families as I enter into life as a counselor.  I have a child who suffers from ADHD and I could so relate to what she said. Her approach was from the medical perspective, but it also had very personal motivation to why she was there.  Her son suffers from ADHD as well.  It was like listening to your soul talk back to you while I was absorbing what she was sharing.

Lots of what she said fit so well with our experience.  I am not sure anyone can really understand (as with any family that deals with mental health challenges or technically a “disorder”) unless you travel that road, but I felt relieved to know someone had gone down the path we have travelled as well.

Her mission is to dispel myths about ADHD through education.  I support and applaud her efforts for I believe they are vital in helping people to understand this chemical imbalance in the brain, specifically related to the neurotransmitter dopamine.   I have lived with a child who suffered with something I had yet to identify much less understand in his younger years.

So thus began my journey of seeking enlightenment and the “crusade” to advocate for kids who are on the edges, as these kids are.  Part of that “crusade” is what has called me to change vocations so that I can help them navigate the world successfully.

Over the next few posts I will post the myths she shared which I too believe will help broaden understanding.  I am doing this because it is a simple step to help provide hope to a family as they flow upstream and where encouragement and hope seem in rare supply.   I will focus on the myths because they can become the most damaging to the family as a whole and specifically cause obstacles which don’t need to be there.

So today, someone shared a struggle in a very creative way.  It helped me gain perspective and also helped me formulate into words thoughts I had been having.


2 thoughts on “Sharing the Struggle-Gaining Perspective-Dispelling Myths

  1. You’ve had quite a journey. You will be a wonderful counselor. It is a difficult job and my prayers are with you. Thank you for sharing your journey so openly with all of us and educating us as you move forward in your new career. Hugs!

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