The Power of Observation- A Skill Worth Developing

not sure this went out so here it is (again)!

Sitting on the Front Porch

I am currently taking my practicum class for play therapy and it is simply fascinating what I am learning!

I have always loved arriving at places such as the mall and just sit and watch the people. I love to watch the verbal and non-verbal communication that occurs on numerous levels that at times it feeds my soul. This skill of “people-watching” is being fine tuned and it is awesome.

For instance I just watched a video on the HuffPost Parents Facebook page of a dog licking a baby ( and even though the dog is finishes his task, the baby keeps moving and positioning himself/herself in front of the dog to receive more. At first watch, this is a cute video—a feel good moment between a baby and a pet.

But there is more there….it tells me about the pleasure derived from the experience for the baby. I am…

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