Oh My Goodness–Where can I shop?

Well it is a day after the Supreme Court decided in favor of Hobby Lobby. As all of us are aware, people are lining up on both sides of the issue. I believe I am in a quandary. Not about the decision, although I don’t agree how the Supreme Court ruled, but about my own purchasing power.

I have been in this quandary from quite some time actually. I believe in lots of things such as paying people a living minimum wage (which knocks out Walmart), a person’s right to own a gun but not necessarily there right to carry it willy-nilly (knocks out Target), I think child labor is wrong (which knocks out lots of clothing stores which purchase clothes from other countries) and the addition of unnecessary ingredients to food which are not needed and have caused lots of food allergies, especially in children (which rules out most groceries stores and food). Are you getting what I am saying?

I do have a social conscience that is wondering how to best proceed. I know some people would say, shop local. And I am all for that! But it does present a dilemma. So I guess for now, I will try to be faithful to my convictions. I will begin investigating new options of where to spend my dollars and if I do happen to shop at places where their convictions do not agree with mine, I know there is grace for all of us–even corporations owned by people who are on the opposite end of my spectrum of beliefs. I will continue to fight the injustices corporations exploit and for now, I think that is all I can do!


3 thoughts on “Oh My Goodness–Where can I shop?

  1. Wow girlfriend! You hit the nail on the head. I carry around with me in my purse a list of products that the infamous Koch Brothers own/manufacture so that I will NOT purchase any of their stuff. And I’ll never eat it at a Chick-fil-a. I hear what you’re saying loud and clear! It is a dilemma and it seems SCOTUS just opened a real icky can of worms!

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