Simplicity and Complexity: A birthday reflection

Today, I turn 47.  As I approach the half century mark, it is more a day of reflection as well as celebration.  Reflecting on your life is a daunting task to say the least.  I decided this might be an annual tradition.  So this morning I remembered my childhood at breakfast by fixing myself a bowl of Chocolate Malt-O-Meal.  To have made it complete, I probably should have had Tang, but I don’t buy that….so anyway!!!!  But that bowl created memories of all of us in the kitchen eating breakfast together before we would head off to school.  Sometimes we would have toast as well or other breakfast items, but I treasure the memory of togetherness before heading out the door to face school.  Last week, I fixed a fried egg sandwich that my Grandma McKee would always fix for my sister and I when we would spend a week at her house in the summer.  Aww, life was simple then.   Family was primary and still is but in a more complex way.

My husband gifted me this morning with many simple things like gel pens, magazines, a CD, and a WSU license plate holder.  One of the best gifts I could have received.  Why, they represent me in a very simply way….I love the way the gel pens write,  a crochet magazine for the “hooker” in me and, since I am currently a student at the only undefeated basketball team in the country (Wichita State University) a bit of pride for my school.  It all represents what I enjoy and that is simplicity.  

However, within this simplicity lies great complexity.  What makes it complex are the many relationships I have with family and friends.  I was born on my sister’s birthday, on her two year old birthday in fact!  The odds of that happening are like a million to one or almost never occurring.  So you can see, our relationship began out complex—-she had to share her birthday for heaven’s sake!  I don’t blame her at all for not talking to Mom for a couple of days after bringing me home.  You want to celebrate your birthday and be the center of attention and well that never did happen for her or for me.  But what a blessing she is (and my brother, too)!  

Taking joy in the breath I take each day is hard to remember.  But on a day like today, I celebrate the simplicity and complexity that is life. I have changed my opinions on many things about life, love, religion, politics, etc.  But what has not changed in the past 47 years is the simplicity and complexity of love, faith, family and friends.  

It is gonna be a great day!


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