A Miracle in the Midst of Chaos

Today, I believe I performed a miracle (well close to one)….Yes, it is true!!!! I cleaned the bedroom.  Now let me fill you in on how we do things in our house.  When we were first married, we were pretty good at doing the weekly cleaning ritual.  Of course it was easier then for two specific reasons:  no children or pets and we lived in smaller dwellings.  Both of us grew up in homes where cleaning once a week was just part of the routine for us.  Oh, how times change!  As most people are aware, having children creates chaos on SOOOOOO MANY LEVELS.  It is amazing what one little person requires (or at least you believe they need—like tons of toys).  So you begin to get comfortable with more chaos.

As they grow, so does the chaos!  You get really busy and begin to let things slide.  Now not only did we believe in having our own children, we did foster care.  Add another person, add more chaos!  And so the story goes.  Pretty soon a month goes by and you look around at the chaos everywhere.

Now, our children are gone and we no longer do foster care.  It is just me, hubby, and Wesley (the dog).  No reason why we should not be able to get a handle on the chaos, right?  Wrong.  And this is why,  we sometimes thrive in the chaos.  It can lead to creativity.  But ultimately, it takes a lot of work to clean up chaos.  We sometimes come home and are just too tired to put forth the effort to clean up after ourselves.  We also get comfortable with our chaos.

If you came to our offices, they are the same way….in disarray.  Now some people come in, look around, and wonder how can we function in the chaos.  We do and what is really remarkable is this:  most of the time we know where things are.

So why is this a miracle:  cleaning the bedroom.  It represents newness in a strange sort of way.  Cleaning creates energy.  It is rewarding to complete a project, such as cleaning and see a difference in the effort you have put forth.  I created three bags of recyclables (before you gasp, realize it was mainly receipts that needed to be gone through for tax purposes and junk mail).   Chaos is needed to create wonderful things.  It allows us to forge into a project hoping we will reach the end and to feel a sense of usefulness.  We now have an oasis in the chaos!

Cleaning is always something to be done.  But today, it provided insight into my spiritual life.  I ran across important memories in the stacks, moments of my life that were enriching and others that were draining.  It allowed me to focus.  Chaos allows you to get comfortable and to ignore the need to be mindful and focus.  Memories, focus, and movement are vital to a spiritual life.  It allowed me to reflect on the messiness of Christ’s birth and the chaos he created.  Sometimes when a story is told so often it can lose its power.  Cleaning allowed the meaning of Jesus’ birth and life to come into focus and to life.

More miracles await in the house, but for today…..this is enough!


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