Friday Morning Date: The Gift of Presence

Over the past several weeks, I have been getting together with friends I don’t see too often.  I keep up with them on Facebook so we are connected via the Internet, yet it always a better friendship with face-to-face time is to be had.

As special as these luncheons are, a long-standing date wins the prize.  For probably about 10 years or so, my hubby and I have been afforded the opportunity to have what we call “Friday Morning Dates”.  If the rest of the day is spoken for, or God forbid we have to work, we always try to squeeze in the Friday Morning Date.

It is a special time for us—nothing extraordinary happens except to be in each other’s company.  We have been married for a quarter of a century and this time is quite sacred for us.  Maybe we are onto something, I don’t know.  But being with someone even when you may not feel the greatest or having lots on your mind, just makes for a better day.

Both of us are pastors and time sometimes is not our own.  There may come a day where one of us may not be able to take this day (probably me),  so we have etched out this time to be ours and guard it with a vengeance.  Not only is it good for our marriage, it is good for our sanity!!!!

Being in a relationship requires lots of time.  Sometimes that is easily done, but more than likely it takes work.  If you have a significant other, whether a spouse, partner, child or pet,  give the gift of presence!!!!It is well worth it!


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