Exploring Passion…..Books….Stories

One of my passions is to read….I mean I always check out more books than I can read at one time.  I have even resorted to taking pictures of titles of books in a bookstore to remember to put them on my reading list rather than buying them right away.  I check Goodreads almost daily to get a dose of “let’s see what my friends are reading”.  It sounds more like an obsession rather than passion. I have a Kindle where I get daily e-mails about free or .99 cent books so I can add them as I want.  My kindle is full of books just waiting to be read!  I wonder why that is.

For me, books have broadened my understandings of life, of how the world works and what is truly important.  I learn well through reading and that I believe is what is truly behind my passion for books.  I am always amazed how community is built around books.  Books provide a commonality on which to explore a conversation or to challenge yourself to experience life in a new way.  Books also have helped me find answers.  When life sends challenges my away, I always have a sense I am not the only one facing this particular issue or concern.  So where do I turn? —A book.  Our experiences are always shared within the human community and it may take some digging, but somewhere out in the world, someone has shared their story.  

And there is the crux.  Stories define us.  Stories connect us together.  Stories bring out the best and worst in each of us.  I love stories which provide insight to who I am and who others are.  They help me to know I am not alone in my search for meaning or alone in what I may be experiencing.  Stories challenge, comfort, make me laugh, help me dream, let me forget, and in general are good for the soul.  

Our lives are stories…sometimes great, sometimes not, sometimes horrific, sometimes blissful.  But whatever they may be, I hope you claim your story, explore it and discover the beauty that lies within it.  And then I hope you share it!!!!



3 thoughts on “Exploring Passion…..Books….Stories

  1. I’m with you concerning books! I also love that you share your thoughts with the rest of us. We’re all on a journey together and our stories are unfolding minute by minute! My story certainly has shifted and changed through the years. Looking forward to hearing updates on your story soon.

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