Launch Update: A New Normal

It has been over a month since our son left for the East Coast to live with his girlfriend and son.  It has been a transition to say the least.   They are settling into their surroundings, both working and raising the grandbaby.  We miss them terribly but we too are living into this new reality.

We (hubby and I) celebrated 25 years of marriage this past week in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico.  It was the perfect setting to reflect and enjoy the gift of friendship and love that has surrounded us.  Our daughter helped us to celebrate. We have had many laughs and tears during these past 25 years, knowing more is to come.

But most of all, I enjoyed a true vacation!  It was more of a retreat, than a vacation. The time away was refreshing as I watched the mountain streams flow.  I also rediscovered a love of crocheting (it is a wonderful way to relax I have found and may become a fundraising activity entitled “Help us fund our trip to South Carolina”, because it is expensive! If you want to support this fund, just let me know! LOL) .

It also was hard to imagine as a family of four, I will never again have just “us” on a vacation again.  So grieving happens in waves.  Yet thankful that as a family that supports each other no matter the circumstances, it is still intact.  

August will bring new routines as school begins again.  Our daughter will return to college, our son will finish his high school experience online, and grad classes will resume.  Vacation indeed was a healing time and will be treasured as a new normal continues to set in. Image


One thought on “Launch Update: A New Normal

  1. So glad you had a relaxing and happy time to celebrate you anniversary and recharge you batteries!! Isn’t vacation afterglow wonderful?!!

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