Launching: Ready or Not

This past few weeks have been incredibly turbulent, stressful, and emotional.  Our son, who is 17 3/4 years old (the 3/4’s is important to this post) became a father last December 6.  Our grandson is a wonderful delight and joy!  With both parents trying to make it through high school, both sets of grandparents helped with childcare and providing a place for the newly formed family to stay.  My son and his girlfriend are devoted to their child and he is happy, meeting developmentally milestones and just cut his first tooth at 6 1/2 months.  

We always knew when the news of the baby came along they would eventually return to where she is from on the East Coast.  Well, the “day” arrived this week they took the journey eastward.  I am thankful for the safe journey!!

The launching of our son was not what we had envisioned it would be.  I never thought I would not be with my son during his senior year of high school (which he is able to complete here via online school).  I never dreamed I would be a grandma while in my forties. 

And you may be wondering why we agreed to let him leave?  Remember the 3/4 years.  In three months, our son will be 18.  Although we could have said “stay”, we knew he would leave when he turned 18.  So now we have entrusted their care to God, and pray all will be well.

In my graduate classes for counseling, we refer to the time when the children leave home as “launching.”  He is our second and final child to launch.  Our first followed what many people expect:  graduated high school and went to college just far enough away to establish some independence yet be close enough to come home to see the folks. Our son obviously followed a different path.  Lots of uncertainty with his launch.  However,  I will always be proud of him because he has taken full responsibility for his son and that is why we let him go.  Are we grieving?  Are we sad?  Heck, yes!!!!But he did learn from us how to take care of his family and for that I give thanks.  

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we are blessed with a “launch: ready or not” of our youngest.  I realize many think we are nuts and we may be—however, our son has always had to have an experience in order to learn–this time it is learning to be an adult with responsibility with great distance between us.

So, as you prepare your children for life, remember life doesn’t always go according to the plan you may have designed for it.  Our children are their own people and hopefully you have gifted them with the core values that allow them to sustain their resilience during the stressful times of life.  Giving love, laughter, discipline, and freedom to our children has allowed them to experience life in some unique ways!!!!

And launch time is here:Ready or Not!!!



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