A Powerful Force

I began my summer courses last evening.  Currently I am taking a one hour class entitled, Child Abuse and Neglect.  As you can imagine, it is full of insight and some statistics. However, what stuck with me last evening as I was leaving class was how drained I was from the class.  It began at 5 and ended around 9.  I have two more evenings to go.

The class ended with some incredible interviews the professor had done with a mother (who happened to be a student of hers in the 1990’s) who adopted severely abused children.  As I watched her share the stories of two of her children, I was horrified at what had occurred.  But I also moved quickly past that to admiration and ultimately to this realization:

love is a powerful force–it can heal a spirit when the brain is damaged, it can overcome atrocities beyond imagination.  It can perform miracles beyond measure, not necessarily ones which are visibly seen and it can repair a broken soul.

Yes, I knew this was true; yet it is easily pushed to the back of my mind in the busy-ness of life. However, when confronted with the repercussions of the pain inflicted upon an infant or child, anger rises within.  Watching that video made me realize to not ever underestimate the powerful force of love.  

I believe there are people are called to do what this woman has done.  To enact this powerful force as this woman has done (and I know others like her) is a witness for all of us.  I am grateful for all the children she has helped and pray for those who can do the same.  Although I am not called to do as she has done, I  realize I must always remember love is a powerful force, especially as I encounter the pain and suffering of children.  It will sustain me throughout my journey with children.  


2 thoughts on “A Powerful Force

  1. My hat’s off to you Dayna! Thank you so much for sharing your insights and appreciation for those ‘called’ to care for children.

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