A Good Kind of Tired

Today was a year in the making.  No, it was not a big life changing event like purchasing a new home or a wedding, but a retreat.  Yes, a retreat!  Several women helped me pull a retreat together for the church.  It originally was to take place last September, but you know how September goes (like the rest of the year) too busy, especially for me.  I am taking graduate classes so one of my classes occurred on a Saturday, which meant a conflict for the retreat.

So we postponed.  A couple of months ago, we re-grouped, set a date and it HAPPENED!!!!TODAY!!!!  Although we are NOT an official “order of sisters”, we met today (about 18 of us—perfect size for a retreat) at the beautiful Magnificant Center.  What a place–restful, peaceful, sanctuary, worshipful, hospitable, clean, refreshing, a chapel in which anyone could sing and sound wonderful–but most of all it was a place to renew our faith, spend time with God, and to soak in the grace.

I walked the labyrinth.  Not something I do very often, hardly at all!  So powerful, so profound!  I took the opportunity to sit in the center of labryrinth–or another way I looked at it was I sat in the center of God.  The wind was blowing, the birds were singing, a perfect day to be in the center of God.

As we left, most of us left renewed and refreshed.  As I was eating with the hubby, I noticed I was tired.  My legs were beginning to ache of the tension I had put my body through, although I was not aware of it at the time.  And I thought,  this is a good kind of tired.

It was not exhaustion or nor was it the type in which I could hardly keep my eyes open, but tired yet somehow renewed energy was there.  Not a “go out to do something this moment” type of energy, but a peaceful “all is good with my soul” type of energy.

It was a grace-filled day, full of color, laughter, tears, and community–a good kind of tired.Image


2 thoughts on “A Good Kind of Tired

  1. Good for you! Good for the other 17! We have pulled off two retreats now at AUMC! Women helping Women. Lots of work but oh, so worth it!

  2. Is it ok to make a belated comment? What a beautiful experience that was. Since then I’ve actually revisited our experience when I’ve needed some breathing space and a reminder that God is always with us. Thank you Dayna fit sharing your insights with us and for giving us toys to occupy our hands while we shared what was on our hearts. Looking forward to another one.

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