Stuff…What a hold you have!!!

Over the last several days, we have been sorting out in our garage.  Last year we put the house up for sale (and it didn’t sell) so this spring, it is time to clean it out and reclaim the space.  We borrowed tables from the church and the process began.

Unfortunately, the process takes a lot longer than it should.  As we pulled stuff out, some was easy to part with,  other items–not so much.  

As we were making our second trip to Goodwill,  I commented on how good I felt about making progress.  We had emptied boxes, sorted and taken pictures of things we wanted to sell on Craigslist.  At one point, hubby said,  “you won, stuff, you won!”  

Like in life, stuff has the power to overwhelm.  And it has the power to evoke memories or the thought, “we might use that one day.”  The hold is strong!

But I did discover, it is a cleansing process!  Parting with stuff is tough.  Just watch The Hoarders!!! Yet, it is holy work.  Working through those thing which take up space, whether in our heart or garage, is therapeutic.  And sometimes, the process takes longer than it is should.


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