Why Blog?

I am not really sure what has inspired me to write this blog.  It seems to be all the rage and it is a powerful communication tool!  As I pondered what to blog about, several ideas came to mind.

The first idea was to do a blog on parenting.  Although I am no expert, I have always been passionate about parenting issues and insight.  The second idea was to write about children’s ministry and Christian Education because it has been my life’s work.  Then I thought to myself, who is going to read this?  really?

So I decided to think back over my life and I remember as a I child, I would sit on the front porch and think about life.  I would also read books and watch the bugs crawl around my feet.  It was always a special time to me and one of my favorite memories.  I would love to have a grand front porch (maybe I will someday) so to sip my iced tea and think about life once again.

So this blog will contain the stuff of life.  There will be bits of insight, sharing of good ideas, thoughts, parenting wisdom I have gleaned from others and my own experience, and times in which grace has shone and called me to sit on the front porch!


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